Hyde Park Estate Subletting

There have been numerous cases of subletting successfully dealt with through legal action in recent years. However, the Commissioners and Savills are aware of the emergence of subletting as an increasing problem for long term residents, particularly as a result of the increase in popularity of holiday let booking websites such as AirBNB.

If you are aware of a flat on the estate where the Church Commissioners are the freeholder that is being short term let then please let your building manager or asset manager know and we will investigate.

We remind you that under the terms of the lease, you are not to “charge, underlet, licence or part with or share possession or occupation of the whole or any part of the flat without complying with the conditions set out in Paragraph 4 of The Fifth Schedule in the Lease and in particular in respect of the minimum length of sub-let and the requirement of the landlords’ consent to placing any proposed sub-lessee into the flat”. If you wish to sublet your flat for a term not less than six months, please email the team at Savills.

Savills, on behalf of the Church Commissioners, continues to work closely with Westminster City Council (WCC) who conducts their own independent investigations of flats where there are suspected planning contraventions or breaches of housing benefit laws.


Please click the link below to read the Church Commissioners updated regulations regarding subletting on the Hyde Park Estate.