Governance and EIAG

The Pensions Board is ultimately responsible for overseeing our investments and ensuring that we meet our pension liabilities. The in-house investment team is co-led by the Chief Investment Officer and the Director for Ethics and Engagement.

The Board has delegated investment-related decision making to its Investment Committee, which typically meets four times a year.

The Ethical Investment Advisory Group (EIAG) advises the Pensions Board in its investment decision-making and provides recommendations on issues of ethical concern.

The EIAG is an advisory body that provides practical Advice and Recommendations to the National Investing Bodies (NIBs) on ethical investment matters. It enables the Pensions Board to invest in a way that is ethical and responsible, but also distinctly Christian – and Anglican – in its approach.

Made-up of leading thinkers from across the Church, business, finance, and academic worlds, its advice focusses on:

  • Asset classes, sectors or markets in which it would be inappropriate for us to invest (ie. screening);
  • Effective stewardship of investments;
  • Relationships with external investment managers and other investors;
  • Public policy issues affecting investments, and
  • Any other aspect of investing required.

The Group has an established track record of publishing in-depth research into key investment areas and grappling with complex ethical issues, enabling it to provide practical advice that is grounded in theology.