Living in Love and Faith - The Plan

How and when will the resources be completed?

The goal is to complete the Living in Love and Faithresources by early 2020. This will make it possible for the material to be used as a resource for the Lambeth Conference in July 2020. The Lambeth Conference is a conference that takes place approximately every 10 years and brings together all the bishops of the worldwide Anglican Communion churches. Members of the Church of England’s General Synod will also be able to reflect on the resources in their meetings in February and July 2020. 

The bishops are committed to developing the project in a way that enables people to be informed and involved throughout the project’s development. Members of General Synod and other stakeholders of the Church of England, will be invited to participate at regular intervals in the process.

The Living in Love and Faith Plan

The following plan shows the high level actions across the lifetime of the project.