The Reach

Wider Participation

The Living in Love and Faith project will make connections with the faith stories, views and experiences of people, so that the resources are relevant to people’s lives today. We will involve people of different ages, ethnicities, theological convictions, and sexualities and genders by inviting dioceses and a range of organisations to suggest individuals whose stories and perspectives it would be valuable for the project to hear. Learn more here.

The Church of England

The project is led by the House of Bishops and will involve regular opportunities for members of the General Synod to be informed about and contribute to the work that we are doing. Learn more about these opportunities here.

The Anglican Communion

The Church of England is one of many Anglican Churches around the world which together form the Anglican Communion, with the Archbishop of Canterbury as its spiritual leader. Given the divergence of views about human sexuality and marriage within the Anglican Communion, the Church of England wants to ensure that her sister churches are not only kept informed about this significant initiative but are offered the opportunity to respond and contribute to it as it is developing. Our intention is to complete the Living in Love and Faith resources in the spring of 2020.

We want, above all, to listen to and learn from the experiences, perspectives and wisdom of our brothers and sisters. It is hoped that in so doing, the Living in Love and Faith resources will reflect the reality of the Church’s diversity sensitively, knowledgeably and respectfully. We also intend to weave insights from the global church into these reflections.

Other churches

The Church of England is bound together with other Christian Churches in a common inheritance of faith, love of Jesus Christ and life in the Holy Spirit. Some of our relationships with other churches have a formal character while others are looser associations. We want to continue to strengthen all of these relationships by sharing about the Living in Love and Faith project with other churches, learning from and engaging with them as we produce the resources.

Other faith communities

The Church of England’s historic role in the life and constitution of England gives it a particular responsibility towards the many Faith Communities that make up the vibrant religious scene of our country today. We plan to update and share information about the Living in Love and Faithproject with our partners from other religions so that we can deepen our relationships and grow in mutual understanding. We recognise that just as there are a range of voices within our own church, it will be important for us to listen to a range of voices from within the range of different religious communities.