The Pastoral Advisory Group

Supporting and advising dioceses on pastoral responses

The Pastoral Advisory Group

The Pastoral Advisory Group supports and advises dioceses on pastoral responses to issues that arise concerning LGBTI+ clergy and lay people. Its work will be based upon careful engagement with people who embody a range of experiences and viewpoints within the Church of England.

The group brings draft advice on pastoral ministry to LGBTQI+ people in the Church of England for initial consideration by the House of Bishops, having reflected on how pastoral practices might develop within current teaching. It also reviews advice provided in the light of the emerging teaching and learning resources of the Living in Love and Faith project, through close collaboration with the Living in Love and Faith processes.

While the focus of the Pastoral Advisory Group relates to LGBTQI+ people, its outputs apply to all sorts of difference and diversity among God’s people.

Members of the Pastoral Advisory Group introduce the Pastoral Principles in the video below. 

These Pastoral Principles invite church communities to examine afresh their life together, seeing our many differences as gifts that can build us up in trust and mutual affection, Using them could be transformative for your church community and for the church as a whole.