Elections and appointments to committees

Information about appointments to General Synod bodies, elections in which any of the Synod's members in their capacity as such constitute the electorate, and elections to bodies to which General Synod Standing Orders 132-135O apply. 

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Appointments Committee

Below you will find a record of recent appointments made by the Appointments committee. For information regarding appointments before November 2015, please make a general enquiry using the form at the foot of this page.

Appointments Committee

Recent Appointments


28 November 2019

8 November 2019

21 June 2019

3 May 2019

1 March 2019

8 February 2019

22 November 2018

26 October 2018

19 October 2018

8 January 2018

27 November 2017

On the 27 November 2017 there was:

  • An election by the House of Clergy for two vacancies on the Church of England Pensions Board. The Revd Nigel Bourne (non-Synod member) and The Revd Paul Benfield (Blackburn) were elected unopposed.
  • An election by the House of Laity for one vacancy on the Church of England Pensions Board. Mr William Seddon (St Albans) was elected unopposed.
  • NB - there was also an uncontested election by the for an additional vacancy, filled by Richard Hubbard, by the employers participating in either the Church Workers Pension Fund or the Church Administrators Pension Fund.

16 November 2017

20 October 2017

22 March 2017

On the 31 March 2016 there was also an election to the House of Bishops Standing Committee. The Rt Revd Tim Thornton (then Bishop of Truro) was elected unopposed.

On the 1 February 2016 there was:

  • An election of the House of Bishops to the Legislative Committee. The Rt Revd Alan Smith (Bishop of St Albans) was elected unopposed.
  • An election of the House of Laity to the Archbishops' Council Audit Committee. Debbie Buggs (London) and Stephen Hogg (Leeds) were elected unopposed.

6 January 2016

On 6 January 2016 the following elections were held:

  • Prolocutor of the Lower House of the Convocation of Canterbury
  • Prolocutor of the Lower House of the Convocation of York
  • Chair of the House of Laity
  • Vice-Chair of the House of Laity
  • Archbishops' Council
  • Church Commissioners
  • Appointments Committee
  • Business Commitee
  • Finance Committee
  • Church Buildings Council
  • Dioceses Commission
  • Cathedrals Fabric Commission
  • Pensions Board
  • Church Commissioners (casual vacancy)
  • Pensions Board (casual vacancy)
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