General Synod November 2012

Business Done

Business Done

Parish magazine report

Timetable and Agenda

Synod Agenda

Synod Timetable

Electronic Voting Results

Item 501

Monday 19 November

GS 1880 - Report by the Business Committee [item 3]

GS 1878 - Report by the Business Committee on the Article 8 Reference [item 504]

Tuesday 20 November

GS 1708D - Draft Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure [item 501]

GS 1709C - Draft Amending Canon No.30 [item 502]

GS 1709E - Draft Petition for Her Majesty's Royal Assent and Licence [item 503]

GS 1708-09ZZZ - Reconsideration of Clause 5(1)(c) by the House of Bishops

Wednesday 21 November

GS 1881A - DSM: Amendment to Canon B12 and Regulations Note (from the Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham) [item 6]

GS 1881B - DSM: Amendment to Canon B12 and Regulations Note (from the Secretary General) [item 6]

GS 1882A - PMM: Living Wage (from Mr John Freeman) [item 7]

GS 1882B - PMM: Living Wage (from the Chair of the Mission and Public Affairs Council) [item 7]

GS 1883 - Youth Unemployment [item 10] plus I Am One in a Million leaflet

Contingency Business

GS 1884 - 47th Report of the Standing Orders Committee


Other papers

GS Misc 1034 - Consecration of Women to the Episcopate: Future Process

GS Misc 1035 - Clergy Pensions, Update from the Archbishops' Task Group

GS Misc 1036 - Archbishops' Council Report since July 2012 Group of Sessions

GS Misc 1037 - The Synod of Bishops in Rome