General Synod February 2018

All relevant information, documents and papers for the General Synod's February 2018 group of sessions.

Electronic Voting Results

Voting results - Item 12

Voting results - Item 16

Business Done

Business Done


Saturday 10 February

Order paper IV

Order paper V

Safeguarding: Presentation on national developments and on the Church of England's preparation for the Independent Inquiry into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) (GS Misc 1172 and GS Misc 1173 (including annexes))

Religious Communities (GS 2087)

Digital Evangelism (GS Misc 1174)

Valuing People with Down's syndrome (GS 2088)

Contingency Business

Long term sustainability of the NHS (GS 2089A and GS 2089B)

GS Misc Papers

Discerning in Obedience (GS Misc 1171)

An Abuse of Faith (GS Misc 1172)

The Independent Review (GS Misc 1173)

Digital Evangelism (GS Misc 1174)

Code of Conduct (GS Misc 1175)

Dioceses Commission Annual Report (GS Misc 1176)

Report from the Cathedrals Working Group (GS Misc 1177)

An update on 'Welcoming Transgender People (GS Misc 1178)

House of Bishops Summary of Decisions (GS Misc 1179)

Report on the Archbishops' Council's Activities (GS Misc 1180)

Recent Appointments - A(18)1 (GS Misc 1181)

English Anglican Roman Catholic Quinquennial Report 2012 - 2017 (GS Misc 1182)

Introduction to Annual Report on Ecumenical Relations (GS Misc 1183)

Central Stipends Authority Annual Report (GS Misc 1184)

GS Misc 1184 was amended and published in April 2018 - GS Misc 1184 (revised)


Notice Papers

NP1 - Deadline for amendments

NP2 - Security

NP3 - Worship

NP4 - Amendments and notices

NP5 - Progress of measures 

NP6 - Financial Statement Feb 2018

NP7 - Amendments and notices

NP8 - Amendments and notices

NP9 - Amendments and motions

NP10 - Notices

NP11 - Amendments and motions

NP12 - Notices

NP 13 - Notices

NP - Questions 

Question 47 - correction

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