Private Members' Motions

Private Members' Motions explained

Private Members' Motions (PMMs) are one of a number of ways debates can be brought to the attention of the General Synod.

Any member of the General Synod can write and submit a PMM. In order to decide whether a PMM should be put on the General Synod's agenda the Business Committee requires a minimum of 100 expressions of interest in support for the motion to be debated in the form of signatures. By putting their name to particular motions, members are signalling that they think they should be debated. Information on how Synod members can sign PMMs can be found on the Members' Resources page.

When putting together the agenda for the next meeting of the Synod, the Business Committee thinks about the number of signatures each motion has received. Generally there is only space for one or two PMMs to be debated in each meeting of the General Synod (group of sessions). While the motion with the most signatures is often the one selected there can be reasons for selecting another that has also attracted considerable support (it might, for example, be more time-critical).

Once a motion has been open for signature for three groups of sessions, if it has not attracted 100 signatures, it expires. 

Below are the current Private Members' Motions. They can be signed electronically by emailing to [email protected].  

PMMs are now open for signature. The deadline for signatures is Monday, 22nd February 2021. Signatures will not be counted after this date.

Current Private Members' Motions

Biblical understanding of marriage and sexual relationships

Motion details

Review of the 'Five Guiding Principles'

Motion detail

Liturgies for same-sex couples

Motion detail

Eucharistic Presidency

Motion detail

The Further use of Churchyards

Motion detail

Safeguarding & Tendering for Professional Services

Motion detail

Funding of Bishops and Priests

Motion detail

Holy Communion Using Individual Cups

Motion detail

Abolition of Deferential Titles

Motion detail

Transparency and Accountability

Motion detail

A Register of Interests

Motion detail

Clergy Discipline Measure 2003 S.9 Limitation of Time for Institution of Proceedings

Motion detail

By filling in and submitting the following form, Synod members are including his or her name on the list of members who support a debate on the selected PMM.

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Private Members Motions fall under Special Agenda III. The other Special Agendas are: Legislative Business (Special Agenda I); Liturgical Business (Special Agenda II); and Diocesan Synod Motions (Special Agenda IV)