Fringe and Displays

Fringe meetings happen during each group of sessions but meet outside of the main sitting times of the Synod. These meetings vary in their structure, from presentations and round table discussions, to informal social gatherings.

At each group of sessions there are a number of spaces available for organisations to display material they feel may be of interest to General Synod members.

The next group of sessions will take place on July 2018.

Monday 18th June – final numbers and all information including photos to be received by 5pm

Please click on each of the time slots to see what meetings are open for bookings at this time. Note we have only been able to list meetings that have submitted flyers. If the meeting is private, or if it is by invitation only, it will not appear listed.


Sunday 8 July (Morning)

In more detail

Sunday 8 July (Lunchtime)

In more detail

Monday 9 July (Morning)

In more detail

Tuesday 10 July (Morning)

In more detail

Please view the new fringe policy here

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