Record of past meetings

There are a number of different documents that record what happens at a meeting of the General Synod. These include the Reports of Proceedings, Business Done and electronic voting results. Below you will find each of these documents for the current Quinquennium (2015-present). If you are unable to find the document you are looking for, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

The Reports of Proceedings are the written word-for-word record of a General Synod meeting. The Reports of Proceedings record what is said during debates, formal addresses and presentations, they also include the results each vote. A video and sound record for each General Synod meeting since November 2015 can be found on our Church of England YouTube channel. For any earlier sound recordings, please get in touch with the Synod Office.

The 'Business Done' documents are the formal summary of outcomes for each item at a single meeting of the General Synod.

Electronic Voting Results

Electronic Voting Results from past groups of sessions can be found alongside the Agendas and Papers dedicated to that particular meeting.

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General Synod

The 'Parliament' of the Church of England. The General Synod usually meets twice a year to debate and discuss matters of interest and to consider and approve amendments to Church legislation.


A period of five years, used to describe the term that General Synod members sit for. Every five years members are elected and HRM The Queen officially opens General Synod for the new term.