Canons - website edition

Table of promulgation of Canons

Section A: The Church of England

A 1 Of the Church of England

A 2 Of the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion

A 3 Of The Book of Common Prayer

A 4 Of the form and manner of making, ordaining, and consecrating of bishops, priests, and deacons

A 5 Of the doctrine of the Church of England

A 6 Of the government of the Church of England

A 7 Of the Royal Supremacy

A 8 Of schisms

Section B: Divine service and the administration of the sacraments

B 1 Of conformity of worship

B 2 Of the approval of forms of service

B 3 Of the form of service to be used where alternative forms are authorized

B 4 Of forms of service approved by the Convocations, Archbishops or Ordinary for use on certain occasions

B 4A [Repealed]

B 5 Of the discretion of ministers in conduct of public prayer

B 5A Of authorization of forms of service for experimental periods

B 6 Of Sundays and other days of special observance

B 7 Of the giving notice of Feast Days and Fast Days

B 8 Of the vesture of ordained and authorized ministers during the time of divine service

B 9 Of reverence and attention to be used in the time of divine service

B 10 Of Morning and Evening Prayer in cathedral churches

B 11 Of Morning and Evening Prayer in parish churches

B 11A  [Repealed]

B 12 Of the ministry of the Holy Communion

B 13 Of Holy Communion in cathedral churches

B 14 Of Holy Communion in parish churches

B 14A  Of services in churches and other places of worship

B 15 Of the receiving of Holy Communion

B 15A  Of the admission to Holy Communion

B 16 Of notorious offenders not to be admitted to Holy Communion

B 17 Of bread and wine for the Holy Communion

B 17A  Of the disposition of the alms at Holy Communion

B 18 Of sermons in parish churches

B 19 Of the Bidding Prayer which may be used by a preacher before his sermon

B 20 Of the musicians and music of the Church

B 21 Of Holy Baptism

B 22 Of the baptism of infants

B 23 Of godparents and sponsors

B 24 Of the baptism of such as are of riper years

B 25 Of the sign of the Cross in baptism

B 26 Of teaching the young

B 27 Of confirmation

B 28 Of reception into the Church of England

B 29 Of the ministry of absolution

B 30 Of Holy Matrimony

B 31 Of certain impediments to marriage

B 32 Of certain impediments to the solemnization of matrimony

B 33 Of the duty of the minister to inquire as to impediments

B 34 Of requirements preliminary to the solemnization of matrimony

B 35 Of rules to be observed as to the preliminaries and to the solemnization of Holy Matrimony

B 36 Of a service after civil marriage

B 37 Of the ministry to the sick

B 38 Of the burial of the dead

B 39 Of the registration of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and burials

B 40 Of Holy Communion elsewhere than in consecrated buildings

B 41 Of divine service in private chapels

B 42 Of the language of divine service

B 43 Of relations with other Churches

B 44 Of local ecumenical projects

Section C: Ministers, their ordination, functions and charge

C 1 Of holy orders in the Church of England

C 2 Of the consecration of bishops

C 3 Of the ordination of priests and deacons

C 4 Of the quality of such as are to be ordained deacons or priests

C 4A [Repealed]

C 4B [Repealed]

C 5 Of the titles of such as are to be ordained deacons or priests

C 6 Of the certificates and testimony to be exhibited to the bishop by such as are to be ordained deacons or priests

C 7 Of examination for holy orders

C 8 Of ministers exercising their ministry

C 9 Of collation and presentation

C 10 Of admission and institution

C 11 Of induction

C 12 Of the licensing of ministers under seal

C 13 Of the Oath of Allegiance

C 14 Of the Oaths of Obedience

C 15 Of the Declaration of Assent

C 16 [Repealed]

C 17 Of archbishops

C 18 Of diocesan bishops

C 19 Of guardians of spiritualities

C 20 Of bishops suffragan

C 21 Of deans or provosts, and canons residentiary of cathedral or collegiate churches

C 22 Of archdeacons

C 23 Of rural deans

C 24 Of priests having a cure of souls

C 25 Of the residence of priests on their benefices

C 26 Of the manner of life of clerks in Holy Orders

C 27 Of the dress of ministers

C 28 Of the occupations of ministers

C 29 Of the House of Bishops' Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests

C 30 Of safeguarding

Section D: The order of deaconesses

D 1 Of the order of deaconesses

D 2 Of admission to the order of deaconesses

D 3 Of the licensing of deaconesses

Section DA: Religious Communities

DA 1 Of religious communities

Section E: The lay officers of the church

E l Of churchwardens

E 2 Of sidesmen or assistants to the churchwardens

E 3 Of parish clerks and other officers

E 4 Of readers

E 5 Of the nominations and admission of readers

E 6 Of the licensing of readers

E 7 Of lay workers

E 8 Of the admission and licensing of lay workers

Section F: Things appertaining to churches

F 1 Of the font

F 2 Of the holy table

F 3 Of the communion plate

F 4 Of the communion linen

F 5 Of surplices for the minister

F 6 Of the reading desks and pulpit

F 7 Of seats in church

F 8 Of church bells

F 9 Of the Bible and The Book of Common Prayer for the use of the minister

F 10 Of the alms box

F 11 Of the register books and their custody

F 12 Of the register book of services

F 13 Of the care and repair of churches

F 14 Of the provision of things appertaining to churches

F 15 Of churches not to be profaned

F 16 Of plays, concerts, and exhibitions of films and pictures in churches

F 17 Of keeping a record of the property of churches

F 18 Of the survey of churches

Section G: The Ecclesiastical Courts

G l Of Ecclesiastical Courts and Commissions

G 2 Of the chancellor or judge of a Consistory Court

G 3 Of the judges of the Arches Court of Canterbury and the Chancery Court of York

G 4 Of registrars

G 5 Of visitations

G 6 Of presentments

Section H : The Synods of the Church

H 1 Of the General Synod and the Convocations

H 2 Of the representation of the clergy in the Lower House of the Convocations

H 3 Of the Constitution of the Upper Houses of the Convocations

Section I: Interpretation

I 1  Of Interpretation

Supplementary material

Proviso to Canon 113 of the Code of 1603

Approved and Commended forms of service under Canons B 2, B 4 and B 5

Versions of the Bible and of the Psalms

Administration of Holy Communion Regulations 2015 (Canon B 12)

Admission of baptized children to Holy Communion Regulations 2006 (Canon B 15A)

Advice issued by the House of Bishops concerning marriage and the divorced (Canon B 30)

Solemnization of marriage by deacons (Canon B 35)

Churches designated pursuant to the Church of England (Ecumenical Relations) Measure 1988 (Canons B 43 and B 44)

Clergy (Ordination) Measure 1990 - Directions made jointly by the Archbishops (Canon C 4)

Churches in communion with the Church of England (Canon C 8)

The Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests (Resolution of Disputes Procedure) Regulations 2014