Voting to support the Global Tailings Standard

In December 2020, the Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative wrote to the mining industry, asking over 300 companies to publicly support and adopt the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (the “Standard”).

The results of this engagement were published on these pages, and it was reported that they were used by a number of institutional investors to guide proxy voting decisions. For example, the CEPB voted against the Chairs of any company that did not respond or decided not to implement the Standard.

As of January 2024, an updated list has been published [available here - updated 13th May 2024], based on continued engagement with the mining sector as a whole. The new list names the 77 companies that have committed to implement the GISTM, the companies that are considering the GISTM, those that are following different standards (usually specific to a local jurisdiction), those that have deided not to implement the GISTM, and those that have not replied.

Institutional investors that would like to be involved in the ongoing engagement with laggard companies, please contact [email protected].