Legal Office (NCIs)

The Legal Office provides professional legal services to the National Church Institutions ('NCIs') of the Church of England, the General Synod, and some national Church bodies such as the Churches Conservation Trust.

The work of the Legal Office includes:

  • Legislative work for the General Synod, including preparing draft Measures and Canons, as well as subordinate legislation (such as Statutory Instruments), overseeing their passage through Synod and, where appropriate, Parliament;
  • Providing legal advice to the NCIs and their Boards, Councils, Committees and departments;
  • Administering the central functions of the Clergy Discipline procedure; and
  • Undertaking some specialist ecclesiastical conveyancing.

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National Church Institutions

The collective name for the 7 administrative bodies that work together to support the mission and ministries of the Church. 

General Synod

The 'Parliament' of the Church of England. The General Synod usually meets twice a year to debate and discuss matters of interest and to consider and approve amendments to Church legislation.


The Church of England equivalent of an Act of Parliament. Measures form part of the laws of England.

Canon Law

Law of the Church of England made by the General Synod, requiring Royal Assent