Implementation of Cathedrals Report

The latest information from the Cathedrals Support Group, relating to the implementation of the Cathedrals Working Group report, approved by General Synod in 2018.
View down the aisle at Derby Cathedral during service Diocese of Derby

Implementation overview

Some of the recommendations from the Cathedrals Working Group Report require no legislative change and so will be implemented as soon as practically possible. Other recommendations will need to come into legislative effect during the coming years.

The Archbishops Council has endorsed the Third Church Estates Commissioner, Eve Poole, to oversee the national co-ordination for the implementation, of those recommendations that fall within the remit of the Boards and Committees of the National Church Institutions (NCI’s) and their officers.


Cathedrals Support Group

The Cathedrals Support Group (CSG) has been formed in partnership with Deans, the Association of English Cathedrals and the Cathedral Administration and Finance Association, to co-ordinate the implementation of the report's recommendations, and to act as a point of contact for cathedral staff and stakeholders throughout. The CSG reports its activity to the Archbishops Council, Church Commissioners and House of Bishops.

You can find the list of Cathedral Support Group Stream Leads and Cathedral Links here


Draft Cathedrals Measure

The Draft Cathedrals Measure which is based on the recommendations of the final Cathedrals Working Group report is now available to view along with the Draft Cathedrals Measure Explanatory Notes:

Draft Cathedrals Measure GS 2136
Draft Cathedrals Measure Explanatory Notes GS 2136X

The Draft Measure will be debated for First Consideration at General Synod in July 2019 where members will then vote for it to move through to the Revision Committee stage. The Draft Measure will then go through the legislative process until it is put forward for final approval at July 2020 General Synod.

The full legislative timeline and detail can be found in the FAQs.


Theology of Cathedral Governance Consultation

In April 2019, Third Church Estates Commissioner, Eve Poole, convened a formal Consultation on theology and governance that was held at St George’s House Windsor involving a number of deans nominated by their peers. GS Misc 1223 reports on this consultation and is designed to be read in conjunction with the Draft Measure.

Theology of Cathedral Governance GS Misc 1223


Cathedrals Bulletin

Anyone interested in the process can sign up for a regular bulletin which updates on the implementation process and useful cathedral related information. This is particularly tailored for those in cathedral leadership and governance.


Frequently asked questions

This FAQ document will be updated with information as the recommendations of the report move through implementation. If you have a question which is not answered here, or any other query, please email [email protected]


Background to the Report

The Cathedrals Working Group was set up in response to a request made by the Bishop of Peterborough in his January 2017 Visitation Charge on Peterborough Cathedral. The Bishop asked that the Archbishops’ Council look carefully at how the current legislation governing cathedrals is operating, and whether any improvements could be made. The report is the result of this.

The report reviews and provides recommendations on 6 themes:

  • Mission and Ecclesiology
  • Governance
  • Leadership and Management
  • Finance
  • Buildings
  • Safeguarding

Following a period of consultation in January 2018, the report was finalised in June 2018 and passed by General Synod to:

  1. welcome the recommendations in the Report of the Cathedrals Working Group (GS 2101A);
  2. request the Archbishops’ Council to bring forward a draft Measure for First Consideration at the February 2019 group of sessions to give effect to the recommendations that involve legislative change; and call on all concerned, including bishops, cathedrals and the National Church Institutions, to give effect to the recommendations that do not involve legislative change as soon as practically possible.

The Draft Cathedrals Measure, which is based on the final CWG report, will be debated at July 2019 Synod for First Consideration, where Synod members will vote on whether to move this through to the Revision Committee stage. 


Please see the FAQ’s for the full Synodical process and timeline

You can download the final report and consultation summary here: