Anti-Racism Taskforce

The Taskforce was set up in 2020 by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York with a challenge to begin work on making bold changes to ensure greater racial justice and equality in the Church of England.
Members of the anti-racism task force smile on a Zoom call
The first meeting of the Taskforce in 2020


What we do
Who we are

A key part of the work of the Taskforce has been examining more than 160 recommendations on racial justice in the Church of England contained in past reports dating back to 1985, from bodies including the Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns (CMEAC) and its predecessor, the Committee on Black Anglican Concerns. 

Reports reviewed

Please note that some of these PDF files have been scanned in from the original hard-copy, as soft-copies do not exist. 

  • GS Misc 1108 - I too am CofE: A follow up to Unfinished Business matching words with action

  • GS 1844 - Unfinished Business: A Pastoral and Missional Approach for the Next Decade

  • GS Misc 994e - Unfinished Business appendices

  • GS Misc 977 - Seeds of Hope: Report of a Survey on Instruments for Combating Racism in the Dioceses of the Church of England

  • GS 1512 - Called to Act Justly: A Challenge to Include Minority Ethnic People in the Life of the Church of England

  • GS 1650 - Talent and calling: A review of the law and practice regarding appointments to the offices of suffragan bishop, dean, archdeacon and residentiary canon

  • GS 1655 - Present and Participating: A place at the table

  • GS 2123 - Centuries of Marginalisation: Visions of Hope

  • GS 2132 - No Easy Answer: Responding to Serious Youth Violence

  • GS 2156A - Windrush Commitment and Legacy

  • GS Misc 702 - An amazing journey

  • GS Misc 625 - Called to Lead: A Challenge to Include Minority Ethnic People

  • Diversity in Dialogue: Building Bridges for the Future

  • Everyday People: God's Gift to the Church of England

  • How We Stand: A report on black Anglican membership of the Church of England in the 1990's

  • Roots and Wings: Report of The Black Anglican Celebration for the Decade of Evangelism

  • Seeds of Hope in the Parish Study Pack

  • GS Misc 606 - Serving God in Church and Community

  • GS Misc 602 - Simply Value Us: Meeting the Needs of Young Minority Ethnic Anglicans

  • GS 1220 - The Passing Winter: A sequel to Seeds of Hope