Gambling and addiction

The churches have long been active in campaigning on gambling issues and trying to reduce the harms arising from the growth of gambling in society, both terrestrial and online. The document links below show how the story is unfolding.

Other kinds of addiction, for example to drugs and alcohol, are also real pastoral concerns as well as key policy areas. Keep up here with what is happening.

Row of slot machines.

There is a real opportunity in the next few days to help rid our high streets of the Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals on which you can bet £100 a time, every 20 seconds. The General Synod voted unanimously for a £2 maximum stake. The government has asked for responses to its consultation. The closing date for submission of responses is midday on Tuesday 23rd Jan, i.e. a week’s time. The chance won’t come again.

Visit the consultation website where you can respond either by completing an online survey, or by emailing them. If you want, you can just email with a simple response, for example, saying that you believe the maximum FOBT stake should be £2, and why.