Strategic Development Funding

Strategic Development Funding supports major change projects which lead to a significant difference in dioceses’ mission and financial strength. It is only available to dioceses and the projects should fit with their strategic plans.

The funding is already supporting many transformational work programmes.

The Church Commissioners have released the money which is used for Strategic Development Funding. The Archbishops’ Council is responsible for deciding the principles for its use. The Council has created the Strategic Investment Board to decide on grant applications among other things.

There is a two-stage application process.

  1. The short first stage assesses the proposal and the extent to which it is consistent with the diocese’s wider strategy. There will be three opportunities to apply for Strategic Development Funding in 2020-22.

  2. If a diocese is invited forward, they prepare a detailed project plan. The Strategic Investment Board then makes the final decision on the grant.

There is a range of guidance material and resources to help dioceses plan, prepare their initial applications and then develop their project plans.

We want to learn from projects as they develop and we have therefore introduced monitoring and evaluation processes. This will help to ensure that we capture and share learning with dioceses and the Church more widely.

Strategic Capacity Funding is available to dioceses who want to build their capacity to develop and deliver their strategic plans.