Nurturing Senior Leaders

One of the key challenges for the Church of England is how we identify, train and resource leaders for the current and future challenges we face. There are various areas of work focused on developing leadership and strategic capacity. Some have a particular emphasis on addressing issues of under-representation within the leadership of the church.

Nurturing and Discerning Senior Leaders
Nurturing & Discerning Future Leaders" seeks to provide stimulation and space for Bishops, Deans and those who have been identified as having potential for future leadership roles, to develop their capacity for leading strategic and transformative change. Given the timing of the work, it has become increasingly integrated with the wider programme of "Renewal and Reform".

Leadership Programmes
Learning and development programmes for Bishops and Deans

Strategic Learning Community
Our Strategic Learning Community brings together senior clergy and staff from several dioceses to work together as diocesan teams, learn from other dioceses, reflect on their future, and plan what they need to do. This initiative is based on the recognition that in the rapidly changing environment and mission field of twenty-first century England, and in the context of Renewal and Reform, dioceses are addressing many challenges. They are at different stages in terms of their thinking and planning, but all have valuable experiences to share and plans to implement.

Senior Leadership Development
The introduction of a structured discernment and development programme for clergy who might be called to wider leadership roles in the future

Ongoing training and development is essential for every organisation. For the Church, Archbishops' Advisers for Appointments and Development (AAAD) is tasked with ensuring that existing - and potential - senior clergy are provided with tools for growth throughout their priesthood. We run and outsource programmes tailored for specific groups within senior leadership.

Core Programmes

  • Bishops Leadership Programme
  • Deans Leadership Programme
  • Strategic Leadership Development Programme
    A five year programme designed to support the development of clergy identified as having potential for taking on significantly wider leadership responsibility in the future. The programme is also an ongoing process of discernment, creating space and structure for participants to listen to the call of God in their ongoing ministerial development. Above all, the SLDP is a Learning Community - where participants journey together in their development through shared learning experiences, prayer and fellowship.
  • Turning Up The Volume
    Increasing the number of BAME clergy in senior appointments within the Church of England, the House of Bishops initiated TUTV in 2012. TUTV aims to help prepare participants for posts of wider responsibility through building on each individual's strengths and insights, as well as enhancing their understanding of the local and national contexts of senior roles.

  • Nurturing and Discerning Senior Leaders: Programme for Traditional Catholic Clergy
    This programme's aim is to help participants think through the issues they need to consider as they explore whether a calling to a more senior leadership role might be for them. We will seek to enhance their understanding of the various roles and the nature of the contemporary calling from the Church to those called to serve in them. In addition, we will provide assistance with application forms and spend some time drawing out the catholic voice in mission. Our hope is that, following the programme, participants will be more aware of the challenges of senior leadership within the Church, better equipped to apply for them and aware of their own development needs as they prepare for them.

Additional Programmes