Everyday stories

  1. Man holding two lambs in a field with lots of other sheep

    Faith in farming


    Rob, a farmer, shares how his faith has sustained him through a difficult period

  2. Woman working from home on a computer

    Voice of calm


    Jacqui works in customer service for the council and finds support for her work through Jesus when helping people

  3. Woman sitting on the ground with a horse

    Growing in confidence


    Emma, an equine therapist, shares how horses can help those who are struggling

  4. Man standing in front of a hedge

    Be bold now


    Dave, who works in Highways and Planning, has found opportunities to offer hope to colleagues

  5. Headshot of a man with glasses

    Called to help


    Mark shares why he became a GP and his experiences as a GP during COVID-19

  6. Woman sitting outside with trees and bushes in the background

    Care in the community


    Hazel shares how her faith plays an essential role as she offers care to the community

  7. Man wearing a gray suit and sitting in a chair

    Business as a force for good


    Samuel shares how Christian business leaders can be a force for good

  8. Girl standing outside a green room

    Be yourself


    Rose's calling is to make videos for the children at her church

  9. Man sitting on a bench and smiling

    Encourager of people


    Keith seeks out opportunities to encourage others 

  10. Man in a hi-vis vest standing outside a Waitrose delivery van

    Delivering hope


    Jonathan delivers food and hope to people in his area