Strategic Transformation Funding

£45m has been allocated by the Archbishop’s Council to help those dioceses facing significant financial challenges and planning a major restructuring programme to provide a platform for the Church’s sustainable growth. 

The overall aims of Strategic Transformation Funding will be the same as those of Strategic Development Funding i.e. to support major change programmes which fit with dioceses’ strategic plans and make a significant difference to their mission and financial strength. 

This particular funding is for those dioceses with financial difficulties wishing to undertake major restructuring programmes to provide a platform for the Church’s sustainable growth. It is expected that the funding will support a relatively small number of dioceses, targeted on those with the least historic and current resources.

The first step of any diocese considering applying for these funds should be a discussion, initially with the Strategy & Development Unit, about the background to the potential application and whether this is the most appropriate approach to address the needs the diocese has identified.

This funding will also support applications for Strategic Capacity Funding, for which all dioceses are eligible to apply. The overall aim will be to help dioceses have the right combination and depth of skills, knowledge and experience to undertake forward planning, and to develop and implement robust strategies to advance the Church’s mission and growth.