Jesus Christ Centred and Shaped

The heart of the vision for the Church of England is to be a Church that is Jesus Christ centred and Jesus shaped

The picture below illustrates the shape of the vision and strategic priorities from the period of consultation with hundreds of people who reflect the breadth and diversity of the Church of England.

A vision for the Church of England in the 2020s.


Simpler, humbler, bolder are virtues we believe God is calling from us at this point in our history. They run through the vision and shape all we do and all that we are. 

  • Simpler because we are not as big a church as we used to be, and the work of the simplification agenda has been an important feature of synodical life in recent years.
  • Humbler because we are facing our failures, and this is not easy.
  • Bolder because the love of Christ compels us. We have a gospel to proclaim, and we live and minister in a world of much pain and confusion.

Read the full commentary on Jesus centred and Jesus shaped by the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, here.  


To help us achieve these strategic priorities, we are looking at bringing simplicity and coherence to our governance structures, and the practical ways the Church is organised and gets things done that enables local churches to flourish. 

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