Vision and Strategy Stories

Read a selection of inspiring stories from churches across the country.
  1. Anne (left) pictured with a resident (Beryl)

    How words of familiar prayers or hymns help people with dementia


    Residents at Westview House in Totland Bay, on the Isle of Wight might be living with dementia – but they could remember the words to the Lord’s Prayer. 

    3 min read
  2. Messy Church

    How ‘Messy Church’ helped start a new worshipping community


    St Leonard’s Church, Scawsby, in Doncaster launched ‘Messy Church’ before lockdown and within six months, a new church community was established – which continues to thrive today. More than 80 percent of those attending did not previously come to church on Sunday. 

    2 min read
  3. Bubblechurch

    ‘Bubble church’ set up during pandemic restrictions to receive funding for expansion


    The number of children baptised at a London church has grown threefold after it introduced a new worshipping community for young families, using puppets and song to help tell Bible stories and talk about the Christian faith.

    2 min read
  4. choirchurch2

    ‘Choir church opens up whole new world of opportunity and learning for children‘


    Around 20 children attend an after-school ‘Choir Church’ mid-week at St George-in-the-East church in Shadwell, east London, where they take part in a choral Eucharist, sing hymns, and learn Mass settings and anthems dating back hundreds of years. 

    2 min read
  5. Church Resurrection Rave Saturday Service

    Music producer-turned-priest puts on DJ-led worship services


    A music producer-turned-priest is using dance music to connect with people, spread the Christian message and attract the younger generations into church. 

    3 min read
  6. Community garden a picture of children learning

    Sowing seeds: how a patch of wasteland became heart of community


    In just a few years, a patch of once unused land in the middle of the Quarrendon estate in Aylesbury, Bucks, has been transformed into the beating heart of the community by the local church.

    2 min read
  7. HighTide1

    Great outdoors helps young people connect with God


    A weekend of night walks on the beach, survival techniques and worship around the campfire helped a group of young people from across a city switch off, connect with friends and learn more about God  

    3 min read
  8. A small child jumps up in the air while playing a game and others around him are running

    ‘With the sporting groups, we started to see growth’


    When Revd Danny Driver became the parish vicar at Christ the Redeemer, Barnwell, he used sport ministry to build new bridges between the church and the community.

    3 min read
  9. Gabriella is shown smiling at the camera and wearing a warm jacket

    ‘It gave me back hope and ambition’– Cathedral helps young people


    Lichfield Cathedral helped 30 unemployed young people find work last year, by making six-month job placements available for 16 to 24-year-olds, as part of the Government’s Kickstart Scheme. 

    2 min read
  10. Glyn Wise

    Big Brother, fame, teaching, travel - then the Ministry Experience Scheme


    After experiencing fame and travelling the world, Glyn Wise says it was the Church of England’s Ministry Experience Scheme that ultimately gave him confidence and got him close to God.

    4 min read