Working together locally

In almost every local community, the Church of England serves alongside an increasing number of other Churches. In many places we work extensively with these Churches, through formal and informal partnerships.

Do local Churches work together?


Churches across England work together on a variety of projects and events. We at the Church of England’s Council for Christian Unity encourage new ways for churches to work together in unity in mission and provide resources, advice and support for local ecumenical relationships.

Why do churches work together?

Churches of all traditions are faced with important challenges to serve and transform communities, to make new disciples and to grow in holiness and worship.

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How does the Church of England work with other churches?

Practically there many ways in which the Church of England works with other Churches.

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When do we need some kind of formal agreement or structure?

Good ecumenical working is based on relationships and trust, and often it can be informal and spontaneous. Different Churches serving the same community see an opportunity to come together and just get on with it.

But sometimes something more formal is needed.

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