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We'd love to hear from you! Read on to find out who's who, and then use the form at the bottom to contact the Presence & Engagement team or your Diocesan Interfaith Adviser. To get in touch with one of our local hubs, click through to their website.

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National Interreligious Affairs Adviser for the Church of England

In 2018, The Rev Dr Richard Sudworth was appointed as the Archbishop’s Secretary for Inter Religious Affairs and the National Advisor for Inter Religious Affairs to the Church of England. Prior to this he was a parish priest in Sparkbrook, Birmingham. Richard has a PhD in Christian-Muslim relations and has written several books on interfaith engagement, as well as being a long-standing member of the Presence & Engagement Task Group.

Presence and Engagement National Programme Coordinator

This post is currently vacant.

Presence and Engagement Hubs

We have hubs in four areas of the country. They each have their own staff and run different projects, but these all reflect the ethos of P&E.

St Philip's Centre, Leicester
Faithful Neighbourhood Centre, Birmingham
Faithful Neighbours, Leeds
Kings Centre, Southall

Diocesan Interfaith Advisers

Most dioceses have a Diocesan Interfaith Adviser. Their role is to support clergy and congregations in their interfaith engagement. Use the dropdown menu below to select your diocese, find out who your adviser is, and send them a message.

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