Chaplaincy related articles

  1. 07/04/2020

    The Rev Mia Hilborn, Senior Brigade Chaplain at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, writes about her experience of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

  2. 10/12/2020

    The Bishop for Prisons and Deputy Chaplain General have been formally commissioned in a service led by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

  3. 08/10/2021

    By Revd Mike Haslam

  4. 18/05/2020

    A new phoneline run by 90 lay and clergy chaplains has been set up to provide emotional support for those suffering from COVID-19 related anxiety in the Avon and Somerset area.

  5. 20/05/2020

    During Mental Health Awareness Week, Revd Jeremy Law, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Coordinator at the Greater Manchester Mental Health (GMMH) NHS Foundation Trust, reflects on the impact that the coronavirus emergency has had on the mental health chaplaincy there.

  6. 23/11/2020

    Efforts by an innovative university chaplain has seen a prayer group grow and two upcoming baptisms from students and staff on campus amid Covid-19 lockdown.

  7. 03/02/2022

    A chaplain in Newcastle is featuring in a TV documentary about the hospital where she has worked for 14 years.

  8. 27/12/2021

    Chaplains have continued to serve vulnerable and dispersed communities throughout the pandemic, including those in industry – like Ewen Huffman.