Poverty related articles

  1. COMMENT / The Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler, explains why he and other faith leaders are challenging the two-child limit on financial support for families, which came into effect a year ago .

  2. The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Housing, Church and Community is looking at various different ways in which churches can meet housing need. This week, Mark Bennet, Team Rector at Thatcham in Berkshire, explains why we should hold almshouses in a higher regard.

  3. Bishop of Durham comments on changes to Universal Credit announced by Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd.

  4. Bishop of Worcester voices disappointment after MPs back new tests to restore the legal commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on aid

  5. A Private Member’s Bill brought by the Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler, to abolish the two-child limit on Universal Credit is on course to complete its passage through the House of Lords.

  6. A cross-party strategy is needed to tackle rising levels of child poverty, with targets set to ensure progress towards achieving this goal, according to a new report published today by the Church of England.

  7. We’re in the midst of a housing crisis. The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Housing, Church and Community believes that, if real change is going to be made, we all need to play our part. For Lent, we’re looking at how individual Christians can get involved. This week, Revd Dr Catherine Shelley writes about her experience of taking in lodgers.

  8. The Government is being urged to lift the two-child limit on benefits in the wake of a sharp rise in new claims for Universal Credit caused by the coronavirus pandemic, in a new report published today.


  9. The Bishop of Birmingham has responded to the Budget. 

  10. The Christmas tree at Holy Sepulchre church in the City of London has been decorated with items such as toothbrushes, soap, bath bombs, deodorants and sanitary products to encourage people to donate to the Square Mile Hygiene Bank.