Finance related articles

  1. 09/12/2020

    The Church Commissioners for England have been named best Public Pension Fund and best in Impact Investing at the IPE (Investment & Pensions Europe) Conference and Awards 2020.

  2. 11/05/2022

    The Church Commissioners for England, which manages the endowment fund of the Church of England, published its financial results for 2021 today in its Annual Report. 

  3. 20/11/2018

    The National Church Institutions (NCIs) of the Church of England published today its gender pay gap report for 2018.

  4. 11/05/2022

    The Church of England today announced plans for a significant increase in funding for the next three years to support God’s mission and ministry across the country, supporting local parishes and growing many more new worshipping communities to serve the whole nation.  

  5. 23/05/2023

    Church of England Pensions Board votes against Shell directors.   

  6. 05/04/2019

    NEWS / Investors give mining companies 45 days for full disclosure on tailings storage facilities

  7. 08/07/2018

    NEWS / This afternoon General Synod affirmed its support for the National Investing Bodies’ (NIBs) approach to tackling climate change, including its ongoing strategy of engaging with companies rather than prematurely disinvesting from them.