Social media strategy related articles

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    Digital Evangelism / Mossley Parish shares how the Christmas campaign has helped them to welcome more people in this year.

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    We've found seven post examples to inspire your social media this week.

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  6. 03/05/2021

    Are hashtags useful for a church on social media? In this blog, we look at what hashtags are and how a church can use them effectively in 2021.

  7. 20/03/2020

    What do you need to know about using social media as a youth worker? We've asked the Church of England's Safeguarding Team, with insights from youth workers on how to put this into practice. 

  8. 15/10/2019

    Digital Evangelism / Read how one simple post on social media prompted this person to reconnect with their faith.

  9. 30/07/2020

    As we head into August, the pace may not feel like it's slowing down. How can you create some space to rest whilst still maintaining weekly services and gatherings?

  10. 26/07/2021

    Useful guide for anyone creating a new account for a church