London related articles

  1. 03/01/2018

    NEWS / Church pledges £24 million for nationwide new projects

  2. 01/02/2019

    NEWS / General Synod to encourage whole church to mobilise.

  3. 08/03/2018

    FEATURE / Since my appointment was announced back in December I have felt slightly like the pushmi-pullyu from Dr Doolittle; Facing the Diocese of Exeter as I prepare to leave well and toward the Diocese of London as I take opportunities to meet with people across London.

  4. 13/12/2018

    The report by Sir William Fittall, Independent Reviewer, has now been published and is available to download.

  5. 21/03/2019

    STATEMENT / The Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler, speaking in response to the publication of an excerpt from a Home Office ‘reasons for refusal’ letter sent to a Christian convert who had applied for asylum.