London related articles

  1. 17/05/2021

    Hundreds of worshippers have tuned in to participate in services in a beautiful chapel.

  2. 15/12/2022

    Downing Street has announced Bishop Emma Ineson's appointment as the new Bishop of Kensington from spring 2023.

  3. 19/12/2022

    Columbia Road, most famous for its flower market, overtaken by open-air carol singing organised by St Peter’s Bethnal Green.

  4. 10/12/2019

    Jo Chamberlain has been appointed as the National Environment Officer for the Church of England, taking forward the strategy developed by the Environment Working Group

  5. 14/06/2023

    Apprentice youth workers, youth ministers, children and families workers and chaplaincy aimed at students in further education are to be funded as part of major awards to dioceses announced by the Church of England.

  6. 23/05/2023

    Church of England Pensions Board votes against Shell directors.   

  7. 16/06/2020

    A second food bank has been opened by a church during lockdown as demand for food parcels has risen eight-fold in its area during the pandemic.

  8. 03/01/2018

    NEWS / Church pledges £24 million for nationwide new projects

  9. 14/05/2021

    Churches are marking the annual Mental Health Awareness Week amid a year of intense pressure on mental health services.

  10. 31/03/2023

    The number of children taking part in a football academy run by a church has increased more than three-fold.