Case studies related articles

  1. 13/12/2019

    Mossley Parish shares how the Christmas campaign has helped them to welcome more people in this year.

  2. 15/10/2019

    Read how one simple post on social media prompted this person to reconnect with their faith.

  3. 24/05/2019

    Read the story of how a small church on the southern coast is using Facebook to reach a community.

  4. 13/05/2020

    St Mark's Church, Pennington share their story of how they have responded to social isolation, and how it has opened up new opportunities within their community.

  5. 23/11/2018

    Read how Wanstead Parish have improved their digital output to reach more people online.

  6. 21/05/2020

    Fountains Church Bradford on how they've provided a safe space for families and children to interact online during lockdown.

  7. 27/09/2020

    Like for many churches, theres been a lot for St John's church to learn during lockdown. Geraint Harries, reflects on the lessons they've learnt about digital communication, adaptors and village life.

  8. 18/06/2019

    How is A Church Near You supporting churches to reach their communities? St Helen' Church in Northwich shares their story.

  9. 07/01/2020

    A Methodist project is seeking to tackle the feeling of helplessness that the community of Shieldfield in Newcastle is facing. Shieldfield Art Works (SAW) combines faith, art and community activism. Part church, part art gallery, part community space, SAW’s work builds community, showcases the area and stimulates the voice of residents on the issues affecting them.