Eco church related articles

  1. 09/08/2021

    The Bishop of Norwich, Graham Usher, has called for immediate action on climate change in light of the IPCC report.

  2. 16/11/2021

    The Bishops of Norwich and Reading have commented at the conclusion of COP26. 

  3. 10/12/2020

    The Church of England is marking five years since the passing of the Paris Accord at COP21 by encouraging Christians to pray for firm progress to be made on environmental pledges.

  4. 30/03/2021

    Bath Abbey is using an ancient water way to heat the World Heritage site. 

  5. 21/04/2021

    The cathedral green in central Bristol will be “rewilded” a year after environment activist Greta Thunberg visited Bristol.

  6. 22/11/2021

    One in 14 Church of England churches are now reporting “net zero” carbon emissions, according to the latest data from the Energy Footprint Toolkit (EFT).

  7. 23/10/2020

    A church garden has provided space for a trauma clinic to conduct therapy sessions.

  8. 02/02/2023

    For its drive towards sustainability, Church House Westminster - host to General Synod and CofE offices - has been awarded a Bronze Eco Church Award.

  9. 06/11/2020

    The Church of England has clarified the scope and definition of net-zero following General Synod’s pledge to achieve net-zero by 2030.

  10. 21/04/2021

    The Church of England will be supported in its ambitious aim of achieving net-zero carbon by 2030 through a new partnership with the Durham Energy Institute (DEI).