Accessibility related articles

  1. 03/12/2020

    How do you create subtitles for your videos? In this blog, we take you through the steps for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

  2. 17/09/2019

    We invited Revd Bill Braviner, Disability Adviser to the Diocese of Durham and Co-Founder of Disability & Jesus, to share his knowledge on how we can make our websites accessible to all.

  3. 16/06/2022

    There are a few quick changes that you can make on social media so that it is accessible to everyone, especially those who are blind or partially sighted, and those who use a screen-reader.

  4. 06/07/2020

    Revd Bill Braviner shares his top tips for creating an inclusive online church service - all steps we can implement this coming weekend.

  5. 09/09/2021

    Accessibility features in Zoom to support your church community online