Christian diversity in England

Christianity in England is diverse and ever changing. This creates new ecumenical pastoral and missional challenges to all churches who are trying to provide for all people.

To understand more about ethnic diversity and the Christian population, in 2014 we (along with our Research and Statistics team, the Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Affairs, and Churches Together in England) developed eight reports that compared the 2001 and 2011 census data regionally. Aimed to support all churches and church leaders, they encourage people to be aware of changes that are taking place and make priorities for mission, ecumenical relations and pastoral and social action in their local areas.

Each regional report is available here:

The 2011 census stated that the number of people professing to be Christian is falling overall. But this is largely in the white British population and growth is happening among people of Black and Asian minority ethnicities, as well as white Europeans, and especially in migrant communities.

Our report highlights that this brings an important missional challenge to churches. Historic churches are challenged to reach out in support and welcome for all these new communities. We hope by promoting this data, we can give greater visibility to the challenges Churches face and create discussion around the priorities of all our churches.