Clergy encouraged to take part in remuneration survey


Stipendiary clergy, along with some retired and self-supporting ministers, are being encouraged to take part in a confidential listening exercise designed to help inform a review of the clergy remuneration package.
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All stipendiary clergy have been issued with a questionnaire asking for their views on the remuneration package, as part of the Clergy Remuneration Review, led by the Church of England’s Remuneration and Conditions of Service Committee (RACSC). The survey has also been sent to a selection of self-supporting and retired clergy.

The Review was set up following a request from the General Synod House of Clergy made in July 2018. Its findings will be used to help inform policy recommendations for a report to General Synod in July 2021

The Bishop of Hereford, Richard Jackson, who is chair of the RACSC, said: “The review of clergy remuneration provides a valuable opportunity to consider the adequacy and appropriateness of the stipends, pension, housing and other support that clergy receive to support them in ministry.

“We need to carry out a listening exercise to hear the views of  a good number of  our diverse range of clergy on their remuneration and how the money for it can best be raised from giving in parishes. We are also consulting dioceses.

“Acknowledging that clergy will have faced many challenges in the light of the current Coviid-19 pandemic, I warmly invite you to take some time to share your views about your financial well-being and how the Church can support you in your ministry by responding this survey. Your responses will be completely anonymous and confidential.”

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Revd Canon Simon Butler, Chair of the House of Clergy, said: “The Covenant for Clergy Care and Well Being was launched earlier this year, backed by the whole Church, as part of a drive to ensure that we all take responsibility for the well-being of our clergy.

“We hope that the findings of the Review will help support this vital work of ensuring the flourishing of clergy in their ministry. I encourage clergy who are invited to take part to complete the confidential survey to ensure their views are heard.”

Notes to editors

  • The online survey is open for six weeks from 28th September to 9th November. More details of the Review can be found here
  • The work of the Review will also be informed by findings on research into clergy finances from the 10-year Living Ministry programme into clergy flourishing and well-being.