Archbishops' Advisers for Appointments & Development

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The Archbishops' Advisers for Appointments & Development (AAAD) is the department supporting both Archbishops in their responsibilities for appointments to senior roles and for ensuring that senior clergy are equipped for the Church of England's significant missional challenges and for the vital role it plays in the life of the nation.

AAAD coordinates the processes for making senior appointments, advising as appropriate on names to be considered, and administering and monitoring procedures for identifying priests with the potential for senior office.

Our work is overseen by the Development & Appointments Group (DAG),a subcommittee of the House of Bishops.


The Appointments team is responsible for:

  • Coordinating and administering the processes for senior appointments.
  • Monitoring and reporting to General Synod on Diversity Monitoring.
    • Synod requires appointments to senior posts to be monitored for diversity. Each diocese is required to collect and provide this information for Archdeacons and Residentiary Canons, and AAAD provides this information for Bishops and Deans.
    • AAAD requests diversity monitoring forms monthly by email. Kindly ensure this standardised form is used to help ensure accurate reporting: Fostering Diversity Form


The Senior Leadership Development team is responsible for:
  • Leadership development and ministerial development for Bishops
  • Leadership development for Cathedral Deans
  • Induction for new Bishops and Deans
  • Strategic Leadership Development Programme


Caroline Boddington Archbishops' Secretary for Appointments
Philippa Kiralfy PA to Archbishops' Secretary for Appointments
Brad Cook Appointments & Development Adviser
Deborah Pierce Appointments Coordinator
Ashlin Green Appointments Administrator
Lisa Adams Head of Senior Leadership Development
Ben Evans Learning Community Programme Lead
Katie Jenner
Senior L&D Administrator



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