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CNC 1: 7 February 2017

CNC 2: 8 March 2017


CNC 1: 27 September 2017

CNC 2: 7 November 2017

CNC 3: 29 November 2017


The nomination and appointment of a Diocesan Bishop are through the Crown Nominations Commission (CNC), who meet at least twice per Vacancy in See.

The process for choosing a Diocesan Bishop begins in the diocese; however, because of the variety of the roles which diocesan bishops have - not only within the Church of England but also in the local community and the nation at large - the choice is not made by representatives of the diocese alone.

Diocesan representatives work alongside representatives of the Church of England as a whole, under the presidence of the Archbishops. The Sovereign (advised by the Prime Minister) makes the final appointment to the vacant see.

The full nomination process for Diocesan Bishops is here: Briefing for the Vacancy in See Committee


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