Childcare Voucher Scheme

Please note that changes came into effect for those joining the scheme on or after 6 April 2011 which restricts the amount of childcare vouchers available to higher earners [more details]

What is the Childcare Voucher Scheme?

Our Childcare Voucher Scheme, in association with Edenred (our provider), is a simple and tax efficient way of paying all or part of your childcare costs by enabling you to take part of your stipend in the form of an electronic childcare voucher. The Scheme enables you to give up part of your cash stipend (up to a maximum of £243 per month) in exchange for an electronic childcare voucher, which will be issued free of tax and national insurance.

How can I join?

Please complete an application form which will be used to alter your terms of appointment.  The 2016/17 application form can now be found under resources on the right hand side of this page.

In return for reducing your cash stipend you will receive a childcare voucher (by electronic credit) into a personal account held with Edenred. Please return both pages of the application form to us. On receipt we will notify Edenred and they will contact you for some further information about your childcare arrangements.

The Government are introducing a new Tax-free Childcare Scheme in early 2017, which will be an alternative to the Childcare Voucher Scheme. For more information please click here.