What happens if I am ill?

Can I claim sick pay?

If you pay Class 1 National Insurance contributions you are normally entitled to receive Statutory Sick Pay if you become ill and can not carry out your duties for at least 4 consecutive days (including Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays).

What to do if I become ill ?

It You will need to mmake a formal claim by completing the self-certificate form.
Click here for the SC2 form.

Please return the form via your funding body (usually your diocesan office). This will tell us the dates of your absence and the nature of your illness.

If you are unable to work for more than a week, you must then send us a doctor's medical certificate via your funding body.

During the period of illness we shall continue to pay you a stipend under the direction of your funding body. If for any reason you are not entitled to Statutory Sick Pay, we shall write to you with further advice.

Long term illness

We are responsible for paying the first 28 weeks of Statutory Sick Pay and we will write to you with further advice if you are approaching this length of time.

After 28 weeks the policy regarding your stipend becomes the responsibility of the funding body of your stipend.  Please contact your funding body directly for details of their policy.