P11D Expenses and Benefits Certificate for 2016/2017

If you received any HLC allowance between 6 April 2016 and 5 April 2017 you will be due a P11D Expenses and Benefits statement detailing the allowance you have received during the tax year. You will need this figure to complete your 2016/2017 tax return.  For more information about the P11D click here.

If you are still in receipt of a stipend you will be able to access the P11D online via MyView, please note it will be labelled 2016.

All clergy who are due a P11D will be sent a paper copy by post, which will be with you by 6 July.  If you have left the payroll you will not be able to access MyView, but a paper copy of form P11D will have been sent to the latest address we hold for you.

Reasons why you might not have receved a P11D:

  • If you were not eligible for HLC during that tax year
  • If you joined the scheme during that tax year but did not supply an estimate of your closts
  • If you did not submit an annual HLC return in that year, or the previous year. You must submit an annual return form each year to continue to benefit from the scheme
  • If your total HLC allowance for the year was 0.  This may be because you submitted a 0 claim or where you had spent significantly less than you had estimated

If you were expecting to receive a P11D and it has not arrived by 6 July please contact us.