P60 Certificate for the year ending 5 April 2017

If you were in receipt of a stipend paid through the Church Commissioners payroll on
5 April 2017 your P60 should have arrived before 31 May 2017. If you are still on the payroll then you can also view this document on MyView, please note it will be labelled 2016.

Under resources you will find a helpful document which was sent out with the P60 certificates which answers may common questions we are asked. Please do read this document and share it with your accountant, if you have one.  There are also notes to help you complete your tax return.

If you left the clergy payroll (e.g. because you retired) before 6 April 2017, but you were in receipt of a stipend during the tax year, you will not receive a P60 certificate.  You will have been sent/will be sent form P45 with your final stipend statement which will contain the necessary stipend and tax information to declare on your tax return.

If you have received any HLC allowance between 6 April 2016 and 5 April 2017, you will also be sent a P11D statement before 6 July 2017 detailing the allowance you have received during the tax year. You will need this figure to complete your 2016/2017 tax return.

For further information about form P11D please click here