Common Awards in Theology, Ministry and Mission

About the Common Awards


The Common Awards in Theology, Ministry and Mission strive to combine creativity and academic rigour in developing pathways of learning that are transformative while promoting the flourishing of distinctive patterns and cultures of teaching and learning. They embrace the formational dimensions of the pursuit of knowledge and the acquisition of skills, encouraging learners to explore and inhabit their calling and become lifelong learners open to the dynamic of the Spirit.

They are a suite of higher education awards that have been developed in partnership with Durham University. Practitioners and theological educators from across the country have worked together to create the awards which are offered through theological colleges, courses and dioceses in the Church of England and its partner churches.

The Common Awards offer qualifications at Certificate, Diploma, BA(Hons) and MA levels. They embrace the richness of diverse traditions and approaches while encouraging creative collaboration for the sake of the mission of God.

Partnership with Durham University

The Common Awards are validated through a partnership with Durham University. Please visit their website for programme specifications, module outlines, assessment guidance and handbooks.

Document library

All documents relating to the Common Awards can be found here, including the Sheffield Reports, consultation reports and the Preface to the Common Awards. Read more