Parsonages: A Design Guide

Our Guide (commonly called the Green Guide) published in December 1998 for those concerned with all aspects of the building or purchase of parsonages. It includes a Design Brief, sets out the standards and has supplements on issues such as security.

Although not a blueprint, the Guide sets out detailed recommendations for all aspects of parsonage design and building performance. It includes supplements on:

  1. the procedures when building, buying, improving or selling parsonages (including the consideration of representations);
  2. the sources of finance available for providing suitable parsonages;
  3. recommended security measures;
  4. recommended fire precautions;
  5. low maintenance and drought tolerant ground cover for parsonage gardens.

Download the full version of Parsonages: A Design Guide as a PDF (size: 753k).

The supplements to the Guide may be downloaded as separate Word documents by clicking on the links below:

Procedures Leaflet

The procedures to be followed in the sale, demolition, purchase, exchange, division, or improvement of parsonage houses. Includes a checklist summary of the legal position.

Sources of Finance Leaflet

Sources of finance for parsonage capital projects. Includes details of our fixed term and temporary/bridging loans.

Parsonage Security Leaflet

Parsonage safety and security, with recommended security measures and additional advice on day-to-day security precautions and personal safety in the home. Includes the advice of the Crime Prevention Unit and the Fire Brigade.

Fire Precautions Leaflet

Fire precautions for parsonage houses, including detailed advice on smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Includes the advice of the Fire Brigade and the Home Office.

Garden Leaflet

Notes on low maintenance and drought tolerant ground cover for parsonages. Includes details of common plants, both evergreen and deciduous.


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