Care Home

Manormead Care Home

Responsibility for the day-to-day running of the Care Home and the care of the patients is undertaken by a fully qualified Matron, who is assisted by a team of experienced Registered General Nurses and Care Staff.

At the Manormead Care Home (with Nursing), our staff strive to maintain dignity, individuality, independence and privacy. Care is provided for individuals who are unable to meet their own health care needs through disability or infirmity and who require continuous intervention. The daily use of 'Care Plans' addresses the specific needs of the patients with interventions designed in the light of current knowledge.

Further support is available from the GPs and physiotherapist who visit Manormead twice weekly. Manormead does not have an EMI unit and therefore is unfortunately unable to accept those individuals who are 'Elderly Mentally Infirm'.

If you have any specific questions applicable to your own circumstances, please contact the Housing Department: