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Supported Housing Schemes - Information

The Supported Housing Schemes are designed for those who want to continue to live independently, but within a supported and Christian community.

Who is Eligible?

The Board can consider an application for Supported Housing from a Beneficiary who has completed at least five years qualifying service.


Retired Clergy; Deaconesses; licensed Church and Lay Workers; and Church Army Officers;

and Spouses, Civil Partners, Widows and Widowers of Beneficiaries.

Since 2010, the Board has made changes to the eligibilty criteria for the Supported Housing Schemes, as follows:

  • Non-Stipendiary Ministry - applications can now be considered from those ordained with Non-Stipendiary Ministry with a minimum of five years service, with the proviso that they do not receive a subsidised service.
  • Other Religious Orders - this extension also applies to applications from Brothers and Sisters from other Religious Orders with a minimum five years service and where the Order agrees in advance to fully fund the costs.
  • Lay Pensioners - applications can now be considered from all individuals who receive a pension from the Board, including retired former employees of the Church's National Institutions and Episcopal staff. However, the 'Lay' Pensioners would not qualify for a subsidised service and applications from those with Ministry service would always have priority on the waiting lists.

Information and application forms for the Supported Housing Schemes:

Should you have any specific questions applicable to your own circumstances, please contact the Housing Department: