Remuneration and Conditions of Service Committee

The Archbishops' Council Remuneration and Conditions of Service Committee meets four times a year  and advises the Archbishops' Council and the House of Bishops on a strategy for ministry, with particular reference to the remuneration and conditions of service of those in authorised ministry. The Committee works in collaboration with dioceses, the Church Commissioners and the Church of England Pensions Board, and with ecumenical partners on the following matters:-

  1. To produce, in partnership with dioceses, a framework of national policy for stipends and other related matters, and to advise dioceses as appropriate on such matters.
  2. To develop policy relating to pensions in collaboration with the Church of England Pensions Board and, where appropriate, the Church Commissioners.
  3. To promote, in partnership with dioceses, clear conditions of work for all licensed ministers.
  4. To make recommendations about the scope, structure and level of parochial fees.
  5. To monitor and advise in consultation with interested parties on sector and chaplaincy ministries within the total ministry of the Church.
  6. To work in collaboration with dioceses and, as far as possible, with ecumenical partners in the provision and development of continuing ministerial education for and review of accredited ministers, ordained and lay.
  7. To report regularly to the Archbishops' Council on its work.

The Committee's work covers the duties of the Archbishops' Council in its role as the Central Stipends Authority. Enquiries about the work of the Central Stipends Authority should be addressed to