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RSBs for 2016 (PDF-21.48KB)

The NSB is the benchmark for stipends for incumbents. Regional Stipends Benchmarks are derived from it. The percentage increase in the NSB is also applied to archdeacons’ stipends and to the stipends of bishops and cathedral clergy. RSBs are an indication of the relative comparative cost of living in the regions of England. The Croner Reward ‘Regional Cost of Living report’ is used to obtain an index figure that is applied to the NSB.

NSB letter latest (PDF-228.57KB)

Data Protection Notice 2015 pdf (PDF-179.24KB)
Church of England

Data Protection Notice for CCU (Archbishops Council) 2015

Data Protection Notice April 2015 (PDF-181.56KB)
Church of England

Data Protection Notice CCU (Archbishops Council) April 2015

Hospital Chaplains - FAQs - March 2015 (PDF-204.45KB)

Guidance was recently issued by the Remuneration and Conditions of Service Committee (RACSC) and the Mission and Public Affairs Division (MPA) to a network of hospital chaplains and Anglican Bishops Advisers on Hospital Chaplaincy. This was in response to questions from hospital chaplains and others about the law in relation to hospital chaplains conducting funerals. The Guidance states the existing legal position and offers suggestions as to how to make it work in practice. Following the issuing of the February 2015 Guidance we have had many responses from healthcare chaplains and a document dealing with FAQs has been produced. The Guidance and FAQs, introduced by a letter from the Bishop of Manchester, are attached

Hospital Chaplains & Funerals Guidance - Feb 2015 (PDF-254.77KB)
Church of England

Common Tenure on two sides of A4 (PDF-28.63KB)
Church of England

A new form of tenure for clergy office holders called Common Tenure came into effect on 31 January 2011. Clergy and other office holders continue to be appointed as vicars, rectors, assistant curates, priests in charge and so on. Under these new arrangements, a post may only be limited to a fixed term in certain specified circumstances and the great majority of office holders may remain in a particular post until they resign or retire.

National Ecumenical Relations Report 2014 FINAL(-0 Bytes)
Lambeth Palace
National Ecumenical Relations Report 2014 Lambeth Palace CCU Final version

Lambeth CCU Joint Report(-0 Bytes)
Lambeth Palace
Joint Report CCU Lambeth Palace National Ecumenical Relations 2014