Anglican Foundation HEIs

The Anglican Foundation HEIS (Higher Education Istitution) is a group of 12 universities founded by the Church of England and the National Society in England and Wales.

Together with Methodist and Roman Catholic Foundations they form the Cathedrals Group of Church Foundation Higher Education Institutions. Some are also part of the British Chapter of CUAC (Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion).

  • The Cathedrals Group supports the Church Foundation Higher Education Institutions. The Chair is Prof. Margaret House and the Vice Chair is Prof. Peter Neil.   

  • Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC) is a world-wide network of Anglican Foundation HEIs . There is a European chapter which organises occasional conferences and enables matters of common concern to be discussed. The current chair is Prof. Peter Neil.


  • The Church Colleges and Universities Fund. Applications are invited from eligible parties for the Church Colleges and Universities Fund. The criteria and an application form are attached here.

  • Anglican identity Project
    This project seeks to identify ways in which the specifically Anglican identity of the Anglican foundations is being expressed now and to explore how it might be expressed in the future. It aims to set out ways in which the foundation might continue to be lived out in changed times, with full recognition of the challenges and opportunities change brings.

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    The Identity and Character of Anglican Universities
    This is a document produced by the members of the Church of England Higher Education and the Theological Reference Group