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The Church of England Education Office

Nigel Genders - Chief Education Officer

Nigel GendersAs the Church's Chief Education Officer, Nigel has responsibility for the development of the Church's policy on lifelong, statutory and voluntary education, and promoting the highest quality of educational practice throughout the Church. Nigel is also the Chief Officer of the National Society (Church of England and Church in Wales) for the Promotion of Education.
Direct Line: 020 7898 1500

Business Manager -
Cheryl Payne 020 7898 1501

Rowan Ferguson- Head of School Policy

Rowan FergusonRowan has responsibility for overseeing the development of school policy in collaboration with dioceses around the country. She is the lead contact with the Department for Education and with other national organisations on all matters to do with Church of England school policy, especially their organisation, structures, governance and resources. 
Direct Line: 020 7898 1789

Executive Assistant -
Gabriella Di Salvo 020 7898 1771


Derek Holloway- School Character and SIAMS Development Officer

Derek Holloway

Derek's work involves promoting the distinctiveness, effectiveness and performance of Church of England schools and academies. He is the lead officer for school character, SIAMS, RE and curriculum development.
Direct Line: 020 7898 1490

Executive Assistant
- Gabriella Di Salvo 020 7898 1771


Cheryl Payne - Business Manager

Cheryl PayneCheryl has responsibility for the financial management of the National Society and the Education Division, including the administration of the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS). She manages the Business and Support team for the NS and Schools teams and other support staff in the Division, and supervises all recruitment HR matters. She provides personal assistant support for the CEO.
Direct Line: 020 7898 1501

Garry Neave - National Adviser in Further Education

Garry NeaveGarry's role involves dialogue with FE improvement bodies and related agencies and charities, to raise the profile of values, beliefs and faith in the sector by contributing to FE policy at the highest levels, including Government departments. Growing and sustaining a network of colleges, chaplaincies and chaplains.
Direct Line: 020 7898 1517

Executive Assistant -
Julia Eden 020 7898 1512

Mary Hawes - National Going for Growth (Children and Youth) Adviser

Mary HawesMary is advocate for the Church's ministry with, for and by children up to the age of 18 and young people, including implementing 'Going4Growth', the Education Division's strategy document. Resourcing and advising the Church at National and Diocesan level in its ministry with children and young people. The work involves developing creative partnerships with Christian, Government and secular agencies.
Direct Line: 020 7898 1504

Executive Assistant - Julia Eden 020 7898 1512

James Townsend - The Foundation Director

James Townsend

James leads the project development team reviewing the way teachers and educational leaders are trained and developed across the Church of England's network of parishes and schools. He is therefore the lead contact for issues relating to teacher training and professional development.
Direct Line: 020 7898 1515



Peter Churchill - SIAMS Information

Peter ChurchillPeter administers Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS). This includes the registration of inspectors, paying for inspections and producing ID badges.
Direct Line: 020 7898 1518




Julia Eden - Executive Assistant

Julia EdenJulia has broad experience as a conference organiser. She is responsible for the administration of both the National Children Advisers' and the Further Education Chaplains' annual conferences. She provides administrative support to Mary Hawes, National Going for Growth (Children & Youth) Adviser, and to Garry Neave, National FE Adviser, as well as assisting with the activities of the Church of England Youth Council. She also updates the Going for Growth website.
Direct Line: 020 7898 1512

Jemma Adams -School Character and SIAMS Development Officer

Jemma AdamsJemma works with the School Character and SIAMS Development Manager (Derek Holloway) providing research and development support for SIAMS, RE and other curricula projects.

Direct Line: 020 7898 1491


Gabriella Di Salvo - Executive Assistant

Gabriella di SalvoGabriella provides administrative support to the Executive Assistant in the Schools Team, providing administrative support to the Head of School Policy (Rowan Ferguson) and the School Character and SIAMS Development Manager. Her role also involves conferences planning, updating the education section of the website and digital media.

Direct Line: 020 7898 1771



Rachel Neaum - Public Affairs & Policy Officer

Rachel is responsible for providing information, analysis and briefings on the Church of England's education policy and related matters. She works with the broader Church of England education network to research, develop and communicate the Church of England's education policy.

Direct Line: 020 7898 1505


Media and Communication

All media enquiries, please call 020 7898 1326


School history enquiries

For enquiries relating to the history of Church of England schools, please contact the Church of England Record Centre:,  or search the National Society's archive catalogue online:



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