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Churches play an important role in supporting individuals to live out their faith. This might be at work, at home, with family and friends - even at the supermarket. Churches have a unique role in encouraging, equipping and praying for congregations.

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Digital journeys of reflection, prayer and guidance that will inspire, equip and encourage you in your everyday faith.

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Everyday Faith for Churches

Articles and downloads to support you in becoming an everyday church

Everyday Faith connections a church around you

Blog: A church around you

Notice boards, prayers and social media are connecting people to being the church from Monday to Saturday as well as Sunday

Everyday Faith: visiting the church at work

Blog: Visiting the church at work

Visiting members of the congregation at work can help link faith and work

A person writing on pieces of paper on a desk. Only the hands and mid-torso are visible. Scott Graham

Lay discipleship and ministry since 1945

The calling, discipleship and ministry of laity in the Church of England: a chronological review of significant reports and initiatives

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